The Most Hated Football Clubs in the EFL in 2021

It’s a firm fact that whoever you support, there will be some clubs you have a secret admiration for and others you’re not so keen on.

That can change from year to year. For instance, who didn’t have a secret yearning for Bury to survive their turbulent financial times? Who (outside of Milton Keynes) doesn’t love what Wimbledon have achieved over the last twenty years or so? Deep down, you know if you’re in League One and you had to pick one club to finish above you, it would likely be them, Morecambe or Accrington.

There are also a collection of clubs that could go bust, and few would shed a tear outside of their home town. We would never wish that on a club, but a few leave a real bad taste in the mouth, either for historical reasons or very recent ones. This list is bound to change from time to time, but as we’ve not done a post in ages, it seems a good time to drop ‘Five Football Clubs You Hate in 2021’. Of course, they’re all from League One and League Two.

I’d say enjoy, but I guess there will be fans of five clubs who will give us pelters. Well, fans of four clubs, then another club that doesn’t have any fans anyway, so we’re not that bothered about them.

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5: Wigan Athletic

There’s something really distasteful about the new Wigan. Eighteen months ago, clubs were having collections for them, pouring sympathy out as if they were on their last legs. Nobody was more delighted than us when they stayed up last season, even if Rochdale went down, who are a decent club. It seemed that Wigan and ‘hated’ would not feature on the same list.

Their fan’s attitude this season is beyond the pale. They say they have been made up of free transfer and the big money tag is unfair as if wages don’t count. Charlie Wyke didn’t bin off Sunderland and turn down Celtic (allegedly) because he liked the Wigan project, not really. He did it for money. If you go to your local Range Rover dealer and take an Evoque on a lease, it’s not free, is it? You pay for it every week, and you probably pay more than your neighbour pays for his six-year-old Kia Sportage. That’s how finances work, but ‘Tics’ fans, in the main, are blinkered to that. I want the 68p in change (think) I put in a bucket 18 months ago, the robbing buggers.

4: Gillingham

Steve Evans is manager; what else do we need to say?

Really, more? Okay, how about this? Their football is horrible, similar to Wycombe, but at least the Chairboys admit it. They had a fan allegedlyattack an opposition player at the beginning of the season, and they seem like a really unpleasant club at the moment. Much of that culture comes down from the top, and we do feel for the good, honest fans fed up with what’s going on at Priestfield, but it’s hard to like a club whose manager gets more booking per annum than Expedia. The Medway Maritime Hospital like him being there as they’re now a world-leading specialist in neck injuries.

3: Forest Green Rovers

The little club on the hill, greener than the fields of France, sustainable and friendly to everyone, right? Well, not everyone, no. They don’t like Lincoln fans as a starter for ten; it was alleged one of their staff members attacked a fan in 2018. They don’t like Tranmere much either; their chairman shot down the Tranmere plans when the 2019/20 season had to end. They don’t like away fans full stop having housed many of them in an open terrace during all weather, whilst one of their own covered terraces remained (predictably) empty. Hell, they didn’t even like their captain, or that’s the way it looked; they made him pay for his own knee operation. After getting promoted from the National League, their chairman claimed promotion would be easy, and he even put three stars on their shirt, with two to be filled when they got promoted.

Still, at least they flash up climate change warnings during matches. They’re like the Greta Thunberg of League Two, if secretly Greta Thunberg bullies her parents, drowns kitten and swears at anyone who happens to speak to her.

2: MK Dons

No, you shut up; it is not time to move on. Say what you like, MK Dons are a zombie club, carrying around Wimbledon’s name like the face of the dead human whose brains they ate to take over their body. It doesn’t matter if they’re an old zombie, wisened by the years in between; they are still a zombie. Okay, so they’re a zombie that allegedly spends £112 for every £100 they earn, inflating wages beyond their means in a desperate bid to leave the real Wimbledon behind. If they shed the Dons moniker and gave up their claim to Wimbledon, they might get more respect from other fans, but it’s unlikely. If they stopped spending beyond their means to buy success, that would be great too. Unlikely though, so we just live in wait for the day their benefactor pulls out, and Someone from Bury buys them and moves them to the north-west, calls them Bury MK and laughs as the tears flow.

1: Salford City

Imagine the surprise of nobody when Salford and Chesterfield were picked for television. Seriously, they’re on more than Emmerdale, every opportunity to give them a game is taken. Why, so we can fawn over Gary Neville, the virtuous pundit praising clubs for sticking by managers, whilst hypocritically sacking one a month at his own club? So, they haven’t spent as much this season, well done them. They’re still hated for being the darlings of the Sky generation, the lower league team everyone thinks got to where they are through some sort of fairy tale, when it was actually because they spent eight times the national budget of Burma on players in a league filled with part-timers and broke-ass team who accept what they are. Still, they’ll probably get to the championship, eventually, and at least then the BBC can’t knock one out every time they play in the FA Cup.

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