‘Real football is dying’ – Bury FC on the brink of expulsion from the Football League

5pm has come and gone, as anyone tuning in to Sky Sports News will know. Us? We wouldn’t give them the time of day, much like the Sun. 

The time has come when it seems Bury fans have to say goodbye to their club. 134 years of history, gone.

The takeover that had left them with hope has collapsed. With little time left to find a new buyer and with a current owner seemingly with no intention of securing their future, The Shakers will be thrown out of the league.

Liquidation will follow and Bury will no longer have a football team.

The heartbreak of relegation from the Football League is hard to take; trust me as a Luton Town fan I know. However, at least there is some coming back from that. A huge blow is struck when you’re relegated, but you’re left breathing.

From this, there is no coming back. Bury FC is dead.

Unless something has happened at the eleventh hour, Gigg Lane won’t host another football match. It’s a sickening day for football fans, not just those in Bury but across the lower leagues. Anyone who knows football isn’t a TV programme understands the thrill of a matchday, walking to the game with family or friends, sharing a pie or a pint and going home either elated, dejected or non-plussed knowing there is always next week.

For the Shakers, there is no next week. Here’s how fans from across football are taking the latest situation.

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  1. Well Neville brothers ? Are you satisfied? The club that was part of your Dad’s soul is breathing its last.
    Meanwhile you’ve put your considerable money into a club with no history as a bit of a toy to play with.
    On the other hand…
    Maybe you have a secret cunning plan to back a phoenix club when it’s all collapsed.
    And also..what about all you in the Bury MBC area who sniff at your local club and follow all the crowd to the Etihad and Old Trafford?
    Gates of 3500 at a promotion winning club in a large catchment are a disgrace.

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