Jack Ross confirms Sunderland approach that will surely delight supporters

Sunderland boss Jack Ross has been assessing his side’s pre-season trip to Portugal on the club’s official website and he’s given a glimpse of a new approach that will surely delight supporters.

The Black Cats lost 1-0 to top-flight side Belenenses as well as sharing a 0-0 draw with Benfica B. It may not be the most outstanding return from two games, but former St Mirren boss Ross confirmed that he was trying a fresh tactic in order to be more creative.

A lack of creativity clearly hindered their run in last season, with two tepid semi-finals leading into their Wembley defeat against Charlton.

“We are trying to implement a system that enables us to play with a more creative edge to our game,” he said.

“We have got a lot of good players in forward areas and on Saturday I was pleased with their efforts.”

He singled out two players for praise, one we touched upon on our season preview; Elliot Embelton. Duncan Watmore has had a torrid time with injuries and he will be much like a new signing if he’s fully fit this season.

“I thought we got the balance right – Duncan (Watmore) was really good and Elliot (Embleton) has been terrific since he came back for pre-season.

“What we wanted to get from the game in terms of a challenge was there, but from what we’ve seen from what we’ve worked in was really pleasing.”

The Black Cats open their new season against Oxford United in 11 days time, before challenging matches against Ipswich Town and Portsmouth.



Our View

If failing to score in 180 minutes of football is a fresh, attacking approach, Jack Ross might be in trouble.

With the players at his disposal, his side should be around the top two all season. Both Charlie Wyke and Will Grigg should score goals and there is plenty of creativity behind them.

Aside from Embleton and Watmore they’ve got Aiden McGeady, Lyden Gooch, Chris Maguire and the much-maligned George Honeyman.

If Ross doesn’t get them playing better football, he might just be out on his ear by Christmas.




    • While I agree they have been a disappointment. In their defence I don’t think the service they have received has been good which has not helped them.

  1. Ross is still living off his past paltry glories with St Mirren.
    We really should have waltzed the league last season but 23 draws put paid to that.
    Biggest squad with a lot of experience from higher divisions. Biggest wage and transfer budget.
    Unfortunately we played the most negative football, we had the worst defenders and strikers.
    How he is still in a job bewilders me.
    Bigging up watmore is laughable.’ A new signing’..pass me the bucket. An injury prone striker who plays with his head down, has an atrocious first touch and is unable to strike a ball cleanly.
    Lets hope he is out on his ear sooner rather than later

  2. to all with negativity. if you are STID fans then support is welcome but negativity breeds insecurity like last season. i know it is ALL about winning promotion but we dont want boos and negative chanting from terraces which only fuels the barcodes arguements.

  3. To do well we need someone who can score 20/25 goals in the season. Do we have that player?. I just hope so . Bit concerned that 3 games played although it is only friendly and nothing from strikers

  4. This brian bloke needs to support someone else as his negativity stinks
    bet he a magpie in disguise..SUPPORT THE TEAM AND ROSS or go elswhere

  5. i thought we would of won that league easily but having watched them all season we would struggle in the championship so we need real change this season not like some of the rubbish performances we had still think we’ll doit but what happens next?

  6. Ross poor. Typical jock lower division manager surely the most ardent sunderland supporter wiith the biggest red n white tinted glasses on must have a inkling him his team his, signings and tactics. POOR

  7. I love seeing all the comments especially the ones saying we were s**t last season ? We are in transmission from the broken club we were to going to Wembley three times✌️ Ross has still got a job to do and the lads will do us proud for this I’m sure STID negative comments from armchair supporters can go take a jump call yourself fans turn it in guys it’s the like of you lot that give SAFC players the lack of passion we have seen in the past ?? HA’WAY THE LADS ✌️

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