‘Can I get a refund on my season ticket?’ – Many Gillingham fans react to Lovell’s sacking and possible new appointment

Gillingham seem to have scored a major own goal with their fans this weekend, as popular manager Steve Lovell has been sacked with two games to go.

Lovell wasn’t loved by everyone, the club have struggled to press on this season, but he’s widely regarded as a nice guy who has managed to secure safety a couple of games earlier than last season.

That hasn’t been enough to keep him his job, which hasn’t proven popular. even more worrying for the Gills fans is the presence of Steve Evans at their recent games.

The sacked Peterborough boss does not seem to be a popular figure at Gillingham, nor in football as a whole, but he keeps popping up in jobs without every having proven anything, unless it’s been bought for him.

The Gills fans have been on Twitter, seething that he might be turning up at their club. Some want to throw their season ticket at him, others are planning to protest.

Will it do any good? Rogue owners seem to do what they want, when they want and although Paul Scally hasn’t fallen into this bracket up until now, if he appoints Steve Evans it’s going to make him very unpopular indeed.

Not quite Ken Anderson or Roland Duchatelet unpopular, but enough for the club to suffer as a result.

Here’s some of the angry messages from Twitter this morning.


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