‘The club, the owner, 24 carat laughable,’ – These Swindon fans suggest club’s problem run deeper than Brown

Swindon Town have dismissed manager Phil Brown after a poor run of results saw them slump to 17th in the League Two table.

The former Hull City boss has paid the price for a poor start to the season, becoming the sixth club in the division to be hunting a new manager after jobs at Crawley, Cheltenham, Notts County, Macclesfield and Northampton have previously become available.

Richie Wellens is amongst those being mentioned for the role, but for now they remain rudderless, with the decline of the club evident since Lee Power arrived as chairman.

That hasn’t escaped the fans on Twitter either, with several of them pointing out that they believe the issue isn’t specifically the manager, but the haphazard ownership of the club.

Some believed Brown needed more time, others feel he should never have been appointed in the first place. One thing is for sure; Swindon Town have no business being in the bottom half of League Two, but they need a manager with credentials and ideas, not just a familiar name of another journeyman.

Here’s how the fans feel on Twitter.


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  1. This is not true. Power stopped the club losing money (would have meant there was not club at all) and made wrong decisions in management. He’s planning to buy the ground, create a training base of their own etc. But on the pitch the players need to be more responsible, they play like little kids and take no responsibility for form. When football players are clever enough to mark at set pieces the manager might stand a chance. Can’t see Power is the issue other than he doesn’t throw good money after bad, he seems to want to do it organically like the fans wanted, not to buy success like teams such as Bournemouth or Nottingham Forest or even in the Andrew Black era. Now that’s not good enough people need a scapegoat. Maybe look to the players who contributed nothing since the playoff final?

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